Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics

Gil Refael

General info:

TA: Zitao Wang

Recitation: Tuesday 4-5pm, West bridge CMP discussion area

Office hours: Tuesday 5pm following recitation.


Final exam

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Oct 2nd: Intro, Fermi-Dirac, state-counting, DOS.

Oct 4th: Fermi energy, Pauli spin susceptibility

oct 9th: Orbital magnetic effects,  Sommerfeld expansion.

oct 11th: Transport and the Boltzmann equation. Note the new explanation of the epsilon-mu conundrum.

oct 15th: Thermoelectric Transport.

oct 25th: Phonons.

Nov 1st:  Electrons in a lattice: Reciprocal lattice, Bloch theorem and weak periodic potential.

Nov 6th-8th:  Electrons in a lattice: Band gaps, Brillouin zones, effective mass, tight binding.

Nov20th: Spin-orbit coupling

Nov27: Berry phases.

Nov29: Berry continued. semi-classical EOM, and the Thouless pump.

Dec4th: Berry curvature and the Bloch sphere wrapping, Jackiw-Rebbi modes, 1d Topological superconductors.

Dec6th: Topological insulators notes.

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