Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics

Gil Refael


No class on Thursdays Oct 10th and 17th.

Make up classes: Oct. 7th, 21st.

General info:

TA: Swati Chaudhary

Recitation: TBD

Office hours:

Gil: Wednesdays 4pm, WB 164.

Swati: Thursdays 5:30pm, TBD


Make up classes: Mondays 5-6:25pm, Downs 107. First makeup: Oct. 7th.


Oct 1: Intro, Fermi-Dirac, state-counting, DOS.

Oct 3: Fermi energy, Degeneracy pressure.

Oct 7,8: Magnetic properties of free electrons.

Oct 15: Electronic transport intro: Drude formula and Boltzmann transport equation.

Problem set 1

PS1 – solution

Problem Set 2